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Make customized note template

  1. File requirements for custom note templates:

  • Image dimensions: 1404 px * 1872 px
    The height of the top/bottom bar is 100 px

  • Image format: PNG

  • Special characters (\ /: * "< > |) and spaces cannot be used in image naming.

  • For better display effect, the image should not have a large gray area, do not change or rename the image, and do not use transparent image.

  • Take a screenshot on your Supernote and you get an image that can be used as a note template.

2. Place the PNG image in the "MyStyle" folder on your Supernote device and you can find it in the list of note templates.

Resource: A collection of templates posted from around the internet for the Supernote A5X and A6X. Thanks to Ted Lin for collecting them, and to everyone who shared the templates.

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