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Changelog for A5 X and A6 X

Chauvet 2.7.21

Dec 22, 2022

*In real-time recognition notes, the eraser gesture will activate the stroke eraser (represented by a hollow circle).


  • [Note] Added a new type of notes: real-time recognition notes

    • Supports real-time recognition in the backend

    • Supports searching handwriting

    • Supports exporting to Word (.docx) and Text (.txt) document

    • Doesn't support layers and the region eraser

    • Changed the regular eraser to the stroke eraser.

  • [Note] Supports exporting handwriting in standard notes to Word (.docx) and Text (.txt) document.

  • [Mail] Changed the Mail app home page from account login to account selection. Added Authorize Microsoft Exchange, Outlook/Hotmail pages.

  • [Settings] Added a preference setting option for the LAMY side button. You can now choose to use it to activate the eraser or lasso in Note and Document (by going to Settings>Display & Input>Stylus Settings>LAMY Side Button). This setting option only applies to the LAMY Al-star EMR pens.

  • [Files] Supports editing text (.txt) documents. (Using small files that contain no more than 100,000 words is recommended.)


  • [Files] Copying and moving files will now start from the current directory they are already in, rather than from the root directory.

  • [Files] Files of the same name can now be copied to the same folder.

  • [Settings] Updated handwriting recognition language packs. (You will need to manually redownload language packs for the languages that you've already installed.)

  • [Note & Document] Adjusted the display effect of the marker and needle-point pen: the lines are now smoother.


  • When the device doesn't repsond to touches, it now takes less time to return to normal. (The red light indicator flicks for a shorter time.)

  • [Note & Document] Improved the reliability of the gesture eraser based on analysis of the commonly used handwriting gestures.

  • [Settings] Added “Forgot Password” instructions on My Account page.

  • [Note & Document] Increased the time interval between two double-finger taps that trigger the two-finger double-tap gesture to display and hide the toolbar.


  • [Document] Fixed the issue where swiping from the screen edges to turn pages didn't work.

  • [Note] Deleting a customized note template would cause the original file to be damaged.

  • [Note & Document] The app would accidentally crash after jumping back and forth between files.

  • [Note & Document] Fixed the issue where some buttons on the toolbar didn’t respond to touches.

  • [Note] After a link target file was renamed or moved to a different folder in Files, it would accidentally not be found.

Chauvet 2.6.19

Oct 28, 2022


  • Users, who use a recognition language other than English, need to go to Settings>Display & Input>Language>Handwriting Recognition Language to reselect language after the update.

  • As Google Calendar authorization protocol has been upgraded, please update your device to the latest version if you need to perform Google Calendar authorization.

  • The alphanumeric characters (e.g. F2.2.2) that appear at the end of some descriptions below are in reference to our roadmap on Trello.

  • For A5 X users, if your indicator red light flashes continuously, your device may be frozen and unresponsive to hand gesture and pen. In this case, you can restart the device by long pressing the power button. We are working on a permanent solution.


  • [Note] Added the feature of creating links [F5.3.9] [F5.3.10].

    • Support linking to Another page in Current File, Recent Files, Existing Files and Web Page.

    • Links in PDF converted from a note file on the cloud services still work (only the links that point to the other pages or web pages in the PDF are valid).

  • [Settings] Added more handwriting recognition languages [F2.2.2] (Download new languages by going to Settings>Display & Input>Language>Handwriting Recognition Language).


  • After the device is reset to factory settings, the gesture eraser will be disabled by default.

  • [Document] Apart from the existing "one-finger swipe page turning" button, a new "one-finger tap page turning" button has been added to allow one-finger page turning.

  • [Note & Document] Moved settings for other gestures, including Full Screen Gesture, Page Number Bar Gesture, Gesture for Returning to Page before Jumping and Gesture Eraser to the "More" menu on the toolbar.

  • [Calendar] Upgraded Google Calendar authorization protocol to OAuth 2.0.

  • Revised some of the inappropriate text on the device.


  • [Sidebar menu] Optimizations are as follows:

    • Added an entry point for New Note.

    • Replaced the original Note and Document entry points with Last Opened Note and Last Opened Document.

    • The Recent Files list is displayed as a pop-up window.

    • When the app section has more than 8 apps, it can be expanded to pages to display additional apps.

    • Removed the Logo.

  • [Note & Document] Moved the keywords out of the titles and table of contents in the navigation window [E5.3.2]

  • [Note & Document] After you switch between the Titles/Keywords/Stars/Bookmarks/Annotations tabs in the current file, tapping the navigation window takes you to the last tab you switched to.

  • [Note & Document] Resolved issues caused by large files where the apps crashed or files were damaged.

  • [Note & Document] Reduced the probability of accidentally triggering the page number bar.

  • [Word] Improved handwriting recognition speed.

  • [Note] Improved the efficiency of note sharing via the QR code.

  • [Settings] Added instructions on the sync page to remind users to manually tap the sync button.


  • [Note & Document] Once the apps crashed, they couldn't be reactivated and accessed.

  • [Note] Handwriting antialiasing was not working after the device was rebooted.

  • [Document] Handwriting entered using keyboard showed up in the document itself.

  • [Document] In half page view, the page number arrow on the bottom half page of the 1st page was turned grey and didn't work to get back to the top half page.

  • [Settings] Handwriting performed to test the result of stylus calibration was displayed on the Feedback page.

  • [Calendar] Fixed the issue where the calendar would fail to sync due to lack of event attributes.

  • Afterimages would occur on some A6 X devices when writing in direct sunlight.

Chauvet 2.5.17

July 26, 2022

*The alphanumeric characters (e.g. E5.3.1) that appear at the end of some descriptions below are in reference to our roadmap on Trello.


  • 【Note】Added 3 new features to move individual pages within the same notebook or between notebooks: Copy Current Page, Cut Current Page and Paste Page. [F6.3.3]

  • Auto Power Off mode; set Auto Power Off in Settings>Battery => Auto Power Off.


  • New US DMS (Device Management Server) location. [E1.1.1]

  • Reduced the probability of crash caused by wake-up from sleep mode.

  • 【Note & Document】Toolbar optimization [E5.1.1]

    • The toolbar is able to be moved and fixed on four sides of the screen per you preference.

    • Page number is no longer displayed on the fixed toolbar. It is now displayed on the page number column along with the file name.

    • Double tapping with two fingers on the screen to display/hide the toolbar. Double tapping with one finger on the page number column blank area to display/hide it.

    • All options of pen and eraser are displayed on the menu options in the fixed toolbar (On the floating toolbar mode, the way of display is same as previous firmware version)

    • The pen icon displays the pen point size and greyscale you have selected.

    • Optimized Toolbar icons for better click interactions and user-friendly, and displayed by category for easier to recognize.

    • Hand dominance setting (Go to Settings>Display & Input >Preferred Settings to change your hand dominance setting).

  • 【Note】Undo and redo changes made to a note title.

  • 【Note】Added three title patterns. [E5.3.1]

  • 【Note】Tapping on a template selection directly sets as the new template. Apply button is deleted.

  • 【Note】Moved Copy page(s) and Move page(s) from More icon menu to Overview list to make it more organized.

  • 【Note】Added sequential numbers into PNG file name when exporting note pages as PNG files multiple times, newly generated PNG files will not replace existing ones. [E5.6.7]

  • 【Sidebar menu】Added 4 more Quick Access items. [E8.2.3]

  • 【Note & Document】Quick Access can open by specified page or note/document file (which opens to the last viewed page). [E8.2.3]

  • 【Note & Document】Select most frequently used button such as eraser or lasso, to show on the shortened floating toolbar by going to Toolbar>More>Preferences.

  • 【Note & Document】Added an option for personal preference settings.

  • 【Document】When navigating to digest content from PDF file in landscape mode, the digest content will be in landscape mode as well. [E6.1.1]

  • 【Document】When PDF file is set as the half page view, handwriting can be copied and pasted between the upper half page and the lower half page (if the PDF file is in portrait mode), or between the left half page and the right half page (if the PDF file is in landscape mode).

  • 【Document】Optimized sensibility of the pinch to zoom feature to minimize interrutpion of accidentally triggering while writing or reading.

  • 【Document】No discrepancy between search results on Supernote and those on PC or other devices.

  • 【Document】The export progress will be displayed when exporting note or digest content.

  • 【Calendar】The 12-hour time format is available. [E2.4.5]

  • 【Calendar】When switching among daily, weekly or monthly view, currently-selected date remains unchanged. [E2.4.5]

Bugs Fixed

  • Battery cannot be charged to 100% even after 35 minutes power off.

  • Device freezed after synching large volume files and need to reboot to get back to normal.

  • 【Note & Document】The pen accidentally switches to the area eraser while writing.

  • 【Note & Document】No password required when opening a locked file from Quick Access feature.

  • 【Note】Current note page accidentally shows handwriting from another note page.

  • 【Note】No password required when a locked note file opened after reboot.

  • 【Note】No save failure pop-up alarm when inputting special characters such as \/*:?”<>|, for note rename.

  • 【Note】The page would be turned automatically when switched from “one-finger swipe page” to “two-finger swipe page” as closing the layer menu.

  • 【Note】Customized templates cannot be found in the list of Favorites.

  • 【Note & Document & Search】Star marks still can be found in overall search results even cleared from the original notes/documents.

  • 【Document】The PDF file with annotations in multiple pages is fail to export.

  • 【Document】The Word document features crash after tapping to save a Word document.

  • 【Supernote Cloud】Conflicting files would be generated after users renamed files by simply changing the case of letters and synced them to Supernote Cloud.

Chauvet 2.4.15

Mar 10, 2022


  • In MTP mode, it is unable to rename or delete the root directory folder on the computer.


  • Reduce the accidental touch rate of eraser gestures.


  • The issue that eraser gesture is inactive due to two-finger shaking.

  • A6 X display noise issue when writing in sunlight.

  • [Notes/Documents] Strokes lost issue caused by following operation steps: 1. Strokes selected by lasso function 2. Rotate, zoom or move the Strokes 3. Copy the Strokes 4. Undo

Chauvet 2.2.12

Feb 24, 2022

*If the device is unable to be fully charged, you will need to turn power off for 35 minutes after the system version update for battery calibration.


  • [Document] Support PDF landscape.

  • [Document] Support PDF half page view.

  • [Note] Add format template (5mm Engineering Grid).

  • [Calendar] Support gesture eraser.

  • [Files] Support list mode.


  • [Document] The table of contents at the bottom and page numbers are changed from auto-hide to click to hide.

  • Adjusted grayscale display mode.


  • Optimize battery calibration scheme.

  • Improve the recognition rate of gesture eraser.

  • Reduce the accidental touch rate of eraser gestures (when the pen is on the edge of the screen).

  • Optimize touch screen responsiveness.

  • Mark files are automatically moved and renamed with the source file.

  • [Note/Document] Optimize handwriting content temporate disappearing during writing.

  • [Calendar] Support recurring events editing (one sync is required after version update).

  • [Settings] Problem feedback automatically fills in the email address first registered.


  • [Note] The handwriting in the keyboard is displayed in the notes when the layer is renamed.

  • [Note] The problem of larger shadow range than version Chauvet 1.0.1(368) when creating the title.

  • [Document] PDF cannot be exported normally when the "No-load shutdown" is on.

  • [Document] PDF handwriting is not displayed after zooming in/out.

  • [Calendar] Google Calendar cannot be synced normally.

  • [Calendar] Confusion caused in the sorting of event time.

  • [Keyboard] Lower handwriting recognition rate.

  • [Documents] Files with the extension .DOCX cannot open.

Chauvet 2.1.6

Dec 19, 2021

*This update may take more than 30 minutes. Please keep device battery fully charged or plug in the power to avoid shutting down during the update.


  • Eraser gesture for Note/Document/Digest.

  • Quick jump to the first/last page or any assigned page.

  • Password for files and folders.

  • Support Wi-Fi with login page access for verification.

  • "Last opened file" icon on folders view.

  • "Folders" icon in note and document.

  • Two-finger page turning feature for Note/Document.

  • Note cover customization.

  • Note layer rename.

  • "Favorites" feature for note templates.

  • Access to the web links in Document files.


  • From single to multiple-condition search.

  • TOC page keywords order adjusted from page number to name.

  • Keywords icon adjusted from "T" to "K".

  • Show/Hide digest icons "A" and "D" in the document (Settings->Display and Input->Preferred Setting).

  • User manual page stays in the last visited page.

  • The top status bar display changed from "Time" to "Date and Time".

  • Removed "Exit" icon in toolbar.


  • Improved document page turning speed by approx 13%.

  • Improved UI response speed by approx 15%.

  • Improved Bluetooth keyboard response speed by approx 37%.

  • Increased Kindle page turning speed by approx 40%.

  • Reduced writing latency by approx 28%.

  • Reduced A5 X/A6 X handwriting power consumption by approx 45%, and note/document page turning power consumption by approx 15%.

  • Improved A5 X/A6 X avg. battery stamina by approx 30% (further improved A5X battery stamina when "No load shutdown" is turned on with Wi-Fi off).

*Above % figures are based on internal test/simulation data. Actual use result could be different per personal use.


  • Automatically resending historical event invitations after outlook calendar synchronization.

  • Google/Outlook calendar regular repeated events incorrect display.

  • Unable to select individual handwriting after using regular eraser feature.

  • Partial devices are unable to download the upgrade software again if the first download fails.

Chauvet 1.0.1(368)

August 17, 2021


  • Calendar application.

  • Added "Back to the last viewed page" feature in document (available for internal links, contents, keywords, bookmarks, annotations, page numbers, and search jumps).

  • Support Comic book archive (.cbz), FictionBook2 (.fb2) and OpenXPS (.xps) file formats document.


  • Modify Dropbox authorization interface (requires version update).

  • Adjusted "Note" and "Word" buttons for creating new file.


  • Optimized page operation efficiency (turn page after trimming/TOC page switch).

Chauvet 1.0.1(349)

July 17, 2021


  • Handwriting anti-aliasing feature (Activate via "Settings -> Display & input -> Preferred setting -> Handwriting antialiasing").

  • Star recognition switch (Adjust via "Settings -> Display & input -> Preferred setting -> Star mark recognition").


  • Performance optimization.

Chauvet 1.0.1(291)

April 26, 2021


  • Added date format options under "English" language.

  • Added AWS (UK) and AWS (US) servers for Supernote Cloud.

  • Template (Background layer) can be hidden.

  • Added "Floating Smart Toolbar" feature in Mailbox.

  • Support to add attachments into "Feedback".

  • Added vector handwriting options when exporting documents and notes as PDF files.


  • Fixed dislocation issues of Title Shadow after moving the note page.

  • Fixed increase of note data caused by frequent plug/unplug OTG U drive.

  • Fixed dislocation issue after copy-and-paste of notes by cross-operating on different Supernote devices.

  • File damage issue caused by copying the note file being modified on the computer via MTP (Suggest to avoid this issue by refreshing Supernote Explore page on computer before copy).


  • Adjusted the default name of new file as "yyyymmdd_hhmmss".

  • Adjusted "Bluetooth" setting from sub-menu to main menu of Settings.

  • "3rd party application management" is divided into "Supernote App Store" and "My apps".

  • Part of English UI phrases.

Chauvet 1.0.1(264)

March 9, 2021


  • User-defined templates related error.

  • The template and page contents were missing when loading a note, and in rare cases the current page was overwritten by other note pages.

Chauvet 1.0.1(261)

March 2, 2021


  • More pen and eraser options available for digest feature.

  • Added feedback details input when upload history logs (Settings->Feedback).

  • Added College ruled and Wide rule templates on Note feature.


  • Word files use repage mode as default.


  • Fixed layer missing when exporting 200% and 400% PNG images.

  • Fixed note template compatibility issue between import/export of A6 X and A5 X.

  • Fixed partial annotation contents block issue.

  • Fixed invalid setting of User-defined "System" font in EPUB files.

  • Fixed accidental crash symptom when exporting notes.

Chauvet 1.0.1(238)

February 5, 2021


  • Incorrect image displayed after export of multilayer note page.

Chauvet 1.0.1(237)

February 4, 2021


  • PDF documents support gesture zoom in/out.

  • Can import custom fonts into EPUB documents.

  • Bookmarks can be set with custom names.

  • PDF documents can export as optional annotation color (Needle-point pen, Ink pen), and customize export page.

  • The file name in lower left corner of document can be clicked to pop up the directory page.

  • Optional image sizes when exporting notes to PNG.

  • Add a button in floating toolbar to exit current file.

  • Support USB OTG (U drive, keyboard).

  • The mailbox supports multi-account login (up to 3).

  • Mailbox search function saves search history.

  • Screensaver image preview can be zoomed in/out or moved when setting sleep mode page.


  • The floating toolbar displays as a dotted frame when dragging.

  • New gesture guide UI for floating toolbar.

  • Display the upload progress when uploading history log ([Settings] -> [Problem feedback] -> Upload log).

  • Power consumption optimization for handwriting scene (filter pen processing when pen suspending).


  • The file directory (title) button is adjusted from the "..." to the first level display.

  • Close the file icon replacement.

  • After system reboots, the toolbar is adjusted from the default top to the state before reboot.

  • The left and right icons of page number in the table of contents (title) and other pages are adjusted to click to turn the page.


  • Cannot refresh after hiding the floating toolbar.

  • Failed to replace custom style with the same names.

  • Sync after deleting folder causes empty folder phenomenon in cloud drive.

  • Bluetooth starts unexpectedly.

  • The crash caused by abnormal screen touch.

Chauvet 1.0.1(203)

January 5, 2021


  • JPG & PNG formats images can be viewed.

  • Can create a new WORD document.

  • In WORD editing mode, when you add handwriting at the end of the line or below a paragraph, it can be recognized by finger double-click on the screen.

  • In WORD editing mode, after writing the insertion symbol "V", the handwriting recognition will be working, the inserted content can be recognized by finger double-click on the screen or just click the symbol "V".

  • Customized signatures can be set in outgoing emails.


  • Removed the side toolbar and left/right hand mode, changed to upper side as floating smart toolbar and can be moved and hidden.

  • The keyword jump changed from the target file of the most recently opened page to where the keyword is located.

  • Keyword handwriting recognition was adjusted to the handwriting language setting through the keyboard by default based on the system language as the priority recognition. ([Settings] -> [Display and Input] -> [Keyboard Settings] -> [Handwriting] -> Select your favorite Handwriting language)

  • The thickness of needle-point pen changed from fixed sizes to customized sizes.


  • The keyword handwriting recognition rate of previous version.

  • The battery display is unstable.

Chauvet 1.0.1(159)

November 30, 2020


  • Support Proofreader's marks in Word documents to edit the original text.

  • Support Kindle app.

  • Support saving email drafts.


  • Further decreased note files size.

  • Speed up note processing.

  • Released zoom in/out limitation of the area selection (lasso) tool.

  • Following copy and paste by area selection tool, the area selection box will remain displayed.

  • Removed the limitations of inserting a new page and deleting a page on note after setting the title.

  • Optimized note layer icon UI for better recognition.

  • Adjusted digest summary list by sorting in ascending order of document page numbers as default setting.

  • Improved email synchronization and receiving speed.

  • Removed attachment limitations in emails. Multiple attachments can now be added at the same time.

  • Adjusted screen refresh frequency.

  • Optimized Supernote account registration process.

  • Expansion of Japanese and Chinese input vocabulary database.

Chauvet 1.0.1(130)

October 29, 2020


  • Support user-defined note templates.

  • Support document cross-page digest (two-page).

  • Support Bluetooth keyboard input.

  • Support MS Word editing.

  • Support Cloud servers location selection outside of China.

  • Optimize synchronization logic.

  • Optimize the reply and forwarding functions of the mailbox.

  • Optimize the size of the note file (reduced by 30%-40%, and will be optimized later).

  • Add feature of fine point pen thickness 0.5 mm.

  • Adjust the file management outlook to view all files.

  • Fix the bug that five-pointed star can be searched after erasing.


September 29, 2020


  • Add general email service.

  • Add Microsoft Word files viewing function.

  • Fix the known bugs in notes.

  • Fix the excessive power consumption issue in last version Chauvet1.0.1(087).


September 22, 2020


  • Document annotation digest export function support.

  • Support file export of PDF page handwriting memo.

  • Support note QR code sharing.

  • Support Supernote cloud and APP note viewing and download.

  • Add daily and weekly calendar note templates.

  • Add eraser thickness options.

  • Add Supernote cloud server location options (only for A6X first registration).


September 10, 2020


  • Optimize screen refresh function to eliminate afterimages.

  • Customized screensaver can be deleted.

  • Fix area eraser function bug.


August 28, 2020


  • Optimize the margin effect of EPUB documents.

  • Optimize the UI display disorder of file resource management page.

  • Fix the bug of the interaction between the area eraser and area selection.

  • Repair the file saving failure caused by the space in the filename.


August 14, 2020


  • Correction of Japanese language display error.

  • Fixation of Note file abnormal operation.

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