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Release notes for A5 X and A6 X

Chauvet 1.0.1(368)

August 17, 2021


  • Calendar application.

  • Added "Back to the last viewed page" feature in document (available for internal links, contents, keywords, bookmarks, annotations, page numbers, and search jumps).

  • Support Comic book archive (.cbz), FictionBook2 (.fb2) and OpenXPS (.xps) file formats document.


  • Modify Dropbox authorization interface (requires version update).

  • Adjusted "Note" and "Word" buttons for creating new file.


  • Optimized page operation efficiency (turn page after trimming/TOC page switch).

Chauvet 1.0.1(349)

July 17, 2021


  • Handwriting anti-aliasing feature (Activate via "Settings -> Display & input -> Preferred setting -> Handwriting antialiasing").

  • Star recognition switch (Adjust via "Settings -> Display & input -> Preferred setting -> Star mark recognition").


  • Performance optimization.

Chauvet 1.0.1(291)

April 26, 2021


  • Added date format options under "English" language.

  • Added AWS (UK) and AWS (US) servers for Supernote Cloud.

  • Template (Background layer) can be hidden.

  • Added "Floating Smart Toolbar" feature in Mailbox.

  • Support to add attachments into "Feedback".

  • Added vector handwriting options when exporting documents and notes as PDF files.


  • Fixed dislocation issues of Title Shadow after moving the note page.

  • Fixed increase of note data caused by frequent plug/unplug OTG U drive.

  • Fixed dislocation issue after copy-and-paste of notes by cross-operating on different Supernote devices.

  • File damage issue caused by copying the note file being modified on the computer via MTP (Suggest to avoid this issue by refreshing Supernote Explore page on computer before copy).


  • Adjusted the default name of new file as "yyyymmdd_hhmmss".

  • Adjusted "Bluetooth" setting from sub-menu to main menu of Settings.

  • "3rd party application management" is divided into "Supernote App Store" and "My apps".

  • Part of English UI phrases.

Chauvet 1.0.1(264)

March 9, 2021


  • User-defined templates related error.

  • The template and page contents were missing when loading a note, and in rare cases the current page was overwritten by other note pages.

Chauvet 1.0.1(261)

March 2, 2021


  • More pen and eraser options available for digest feature.

  • Added feedback details input when upload history logs (Settings->Feedback).

  • Added College ruled and Wide rule templates on Note feature.


  • Word files use repage mode as default.


  • Fixed layer missing when exporting 200% and 400% PNG images.

  • Fixed note template compatibility issue between import/export of A6 X and A5 X.

  • Fixed partial annotation contents block issue.

  • Fixed invalid setting of User-defined "System" font in EPUB files.

  • Fixed accidental crash symptom when exporting notes.

Chauvet 1.0.1(238)

February 5, 2021


  • Incorrect image displayed after export of multilayer note page.

Chauvet 1.0.1(237)

February 4, 2021


  • PDF documents support gesture zoom in/out.

  • Can import custom fonts into EPUB documents.

  • Bookmarks can be set with custom names.

  • PDF documents can export as optional annotation color (Needle-point pen, Ink pen), and customize export page.

  • The file name in lower left corner of document can be clicked to pop up the directory page.

  • Optional image sizes when exporting notes to PNG.

  • Add a button in floating toolbar to exit current file.

  • Support USB OTG (U drive, keyboard).

  • The mailbox supports multi-account login (up to 3).

  • Mailbox search function saves search history.

  • Screensaver image preview can be zoomed in/out or moved when setting sleep mode page.


  • The floating toolbar displays as a dotted frame when dragging.

  • New gesture guide UI for floating toolbar.

  • Display the upload progress when uploading history log ([Settings] -> [Problem feedback] -> Upload log).

  • Power consumption optimization for handwriting scene (filter pen processing when pen suspending).


  • The file directory (title) button is adjusted from the "..." to the first level display.

  • Close the file icon replacement.

  • After system reboots, the toolbar is adjusted from the default top to the state before reboot.

  • The left and right icons of page number in the table of contents (title) and other pages are adjusted to click to turn the page.


  • Cannot refresh after hiding the floating toolbar.

  • Failed to replace custom style with the same names.

  • Sync after deleting folder causes empty folder phenomenon in cloud drive.

  • Bluetooth starts unexpectedly.

  • The crash caused by abnormal screen touch.

Chauvet 1.0.1(203)

January 5, 2021


  • JPG & PNG formats images can be viewed.

  • Can create a new WORD document.

  • In WORD editing mode, when you add handwriting at the end of the line or below a paragraph, it can be recognized by finger double-click on the screen.

  • In WORD editing mode, after writing the insertion symbol "V", the handwriting recognition will be working, the inserted content can be recognized by finger double-click on the screen or just click the symbol "V".

  • Customized signatures can be set in outgoing emails.


  • Removed the side toolbar and left/right hand mode, changed to upper side as floating smart toolbar and can be moved and hidden.

  • The keyword jump changed from the target file of the most recently opened page to where the keyword is located.

  • Keyword handwriting recognition was adjusted to the handwriting language setting through the keyboard by default based on the system language as the priority recognition. ([Settings] -> [Display and Input] -> [Keyboard Settings] -> [Handwriting] -> Select your favorite Handwriting language)

  • The thickness of needle-point pen changed from fixed sizes to customized sizes.


  • The keyword handwriting recognition rate of previous version.

  • The battery display is unstable.

Chauvet 1.0.1(159)

November 30, 2020


  • Support Proofreader's marks in Word documents to edit the original text.

  • Support Kindle app.

  • Support saving email drafts.


  • Further decreased note files size.

  • Speed up note processing.

  • Released zoom in/out limitation of the area selection (lasso) tool.

  • Following copy and paste by area selection tool, the area selection box will remain displayed.

  • Removed the limitations of inserting a new page and deleting a page on note after setting the title.

  • Optimized note layer icon UI for better recognition.

  • Adjusted digest summary list by sorting in ascending order of document page numbers as default setting.

  • Improved email synchronization and receiving speed.

  • Removed attachment limitations in emails. Multiple attachments can now be added at the same time.

  • Adjusted screen refresh frequency.

  • Optimized Supernote account registration process.

  • Expansion of Japanese and Chinese input vocabulary database.

Chauvet 1.0.1(130)

October 29, 2020


  • Support user-defined note templates.

  • Support document cross-page digest (two-page).

  • Support Bluetooth keyboard input.

  • Support MS Word editing.

  • Support Cloud servers location selection outside of China.

  • Optimize synchronization logic.

  • Optimize the reply and forwarding functions of the mailbox.

  • Optimize the size of the note file (reduced by 30%-40%, and will be optimized later).

  • Add feature of fine point pen thickness 0.5 mm.

  • Adjust the file management outlook to view all files.

  • Fix the bug that five-pointed star can be searched after erasing.


September 29, 2020


  • Add general email service.

  • Add Microsoft Word files viewing function.

  • Fix the known bugs in notes.

  • Fix the excessive power consumption issue in last version Chauvet1.0.1(087).


September 22, 2020


  • Document annotation digest export function support.

  • Support file export of PDF page handwriting memo.

  • Support note QR code sharing.

  • Support Supernote cloud and APP note viewing and download.

  • Add daily and weekly calendar note templates.

  • Add eraser thickness options.

  • Add Supernote cloud server location options (only for A6X first registration).


September 10, 2020


  • Optimize screen refresh function to eliminate afterimages.

  • Customized screensaver can be deleted.

  • Fix area eraser function bug.


August 28, 2020


  • Optimize the margin effect of EPUB documents.

  • Optimize the UI display disorder of file resource management page.

  • Fix the bug of the interaction between the area eraser and area selection.

  • Repair the file saving failure caused by the space in the filename.


August 14, 2020


  • Correction of Japanese language display error.

  • Fixation of Note file abnormal operation.

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