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Pen “ghost-touch” phenomenon

“Ghost-touch” phenomenon means that your pen is hovering over the screen resulting in writing.

There are some possibilities:

  • Someone pulled out the stylus refill but did not insert in the right position. You can see that the stylus on the left is in the normal position, while the stylus on the right is not (too stretched out). You may insert the refill further in the rod of stylus and try again.


  • The Supernote Pen has been dropped on the ground or impacted by external force and caused damage. If possible, you may use another stylus (i.e. Samsung S pen or any stylus with Wacom EMR function) to test as comparison.

If your case is the first one, you may try to fix it first though we do not recommend customer to do that in normal case.

Here are the steps with attached photos:

  1. Use soft fabric or handkerchief to hold the refill, then twist it and insert into the rod gently. You may need to try several times to sense the right position inside. *Please do not touch the refill copper coil part with bare hands for your sweat or finger oil may cause refill malfunction.


  1. The refill is installed in the right position.



If you still have ghost-touch after re-installation of the stylus, it means the refill is out of order and you need to purchase a new refill or stylus.

If your case is not what we mentioned above, it could be the stylus you are using has impacted by magnetic material or some electronic device with electromagnetic waves nearby recently. As you may have known, the stylus is EMR (Electro-magnetic Resonance) technology and it could be influenced by foreign magnetic materials or electronic devices. Please understand and kindly avoid using under such an environment.

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