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Changelog for the beta versions of A5 X and A6 X

Chauvet 2.3.15_beta

Mar 10, 2022


  • Reduce the accidental touch rate of eraser gestures.


  • The issue that eraser gesture is inactive due to two-finger shaking.

Chauvet 2.1.14_beta

Mar 4, 2022


  • In MTP mode, it is unable to rename or delete the root directory folder on the computer.


  • A6 X display noise issue when writing in sunlight.

  • [Notes/Documents] Strokes lost issue caused by following operation steps: 1. Strokes selected by lasso function 2. Rotate, zoom or move the Strokes 3. Copy the Strokes 4. Undo

Chauvet 2.1.12_beta

Feb 18, 2022

*If the device is unable to be fully charged, it needs to be turned off for 35 minutes and then turned on after the upgrade.


  • Optimize battery calibration scheme.

  • [Notes/Documents/Calendars] Reduce the accidental touch rate of eraser gestures (when the pen is on the edge of the screen).

  • Optimize touch screen responsiveness.


  • [Calendar] The problem of abnormal power consumption after sleep mode when the monthly view is not closed.

  • [Cloud] After renaming the document on the cloud and synchronizes, Mark (.mark) file name does not follow the original file.

  • [Notes/Documents] Some handwriting is not displayed when switching between tools or using lasso.

  • [Documents] Files with the extension .DOCX cannot be opened.

  • [Calendar] Some duplicate events (non-Google Calendar invitations) cause Google Calendar synchronization to fail.

Chauvet 2.1.9_beta

Jan 21, 2022


  • [Document] Support PDF landscape mode view.

  • [Document] Support PDF split viewing.

  • [Note] Added [5mm Engineering Grid] format template.

  • [Calendar] Support gesture eraser.

  • [Files] Support list mode.


  • [Document] The table of contents at bottom and page numbers are changed from auto-hide to click to hide.

  • Adjusted grayscale display mode.


  • Improved the recognition rate of gesture eraser.

  • Mark files are automatically moved and renamed with the source file.

  • [Note/Document] Optimized handwriting content temporarily disappearing during writing.

  • [Calendar] Support recurring events editing (one sync is required after version update).

  • [Settings] Problem feedback automatically fills in the email address first registered.


  • [Note] The handwriting in the keyboard is displayed in the notes when the layer is renamed.

  • [Note] The problem of larger shadow range than version C.368 when creating the title.

  • [Document] PDF cannot be exported normally when the "No load shutdown" is on.

  • [Document] PDF handwriting is not displayed after zooming in/out.

  • [Calendar] Google Calendar cannot be synced normally.

  • [Calendar] Confusion caused in the sorting of event time.

  • [Keyboard] Lower handwriting recognition rate.

Chauvet 2.0.6_beta

Dec 14, 2021

*This update may take more than 30 minutes. Please keep device battery fully charged or plug in the power to avoid shutting down during the update.


  • Delete “Browse page” in Chauvet 2.0.5

  • Added "Last opened Document/Note" button on “Document” and “Note” file page.


  • In search, add views under stars and keywords search (page/file).


  • Unexpected issues of device frozen and system no response.

Chauvet 2.0.5(D.119_beta)

Dec 3, 2021

*This update may take more than 30 minutes. Please keep device battery fully charged or plug in the power to avoid shutting down during the update.


  • Add "Browse page" in Note and Document applications.


  • For page turning in Note and Document applications, the two modes "single finger/two finger" in previous beta now is changed to the three modes "single finger/two finger/disabled".

  • In Note and Document applications toolbar, replace the "Exit" button with the "Browse" button.


  • Speed up upgrading for note files than previous beta in batch mode.


  • If download fails, some devices cannot download the upgrade again.

Known Cons

  • Global multi-conditions search is not fully completed. When using mark search (Star, Keywords), it directs to the last opened page rather than marked page. It will be completed in next release.

Chauvet 2.0.4(D.101_beta)

Nov 26, 2021


  • Jump to the page after entering a specific page number (Applied to notes, documents, digest and file management).

  • Quick jump to the first and last pages.

  • Favorites feature of note templates.


  • In note, change the "Hand turning pages-On/off" to "Turning pages with single/two fingers".

  • The content displayed in the top status bar is changed from "Time" to "Date and Time".


  • After the Regular eraser erases the handwriting, it is impossible to select the individual handwriting after erasing.

  • The symptom that EMR pen does not respond under some circumstances.

Chauvet 2.0.1(D.068_beta)

Nov 10, 2021


  • Add “Power Saving Mode” (Setting > Power > Power Saving Mode).

  • Add the display button of digest symbol "A" and "D" (Setting > Display & input > Preferred setting).


  • When fully charged, the LED light changes from green flashing to green on.

  • Go to the last visited page when opening the built-in user's manual.


  • The issue of high power consumption after sleep in D.034_beta version.

  • Latency issue with the first stroke when beginning to write.

  • Files can not be copied to OTG USB storage devices.

  • The power display changes rapidly in several scenarios.

If this phenomenon still occurs after the updated version, please tap "Settings" > "Feedback" and send system logs for efficient and better troubleshooting.

Normal sleep power consumption:

A6 X 8-hour power consumption: the display power is reduced by 1~2% (0.2% per hour).

A5 X 8-hour power consumption: the display power is reduced by 0~1% (0.075% per hour).

Chauvet 2.0.1(D.049_beta)

Oct 25, 2021


  • Gesture Eraser feature (For Note, Document, Digest, currently unavailable in Calendar).

  • Support web link access to browser in files by tapping.


  • All links are unable to access when the touch gesture feature is off.


  • Calendar repeated events cannot be displayed correctly.

  • The issue that capital letters cannot be searched after updating to D.034_beta version.

  • The issue that screensaver page is restored as default page after updating to D.034_beta version.

Chauvet 2.0.1(D.034_beta)

Oct 15, 2021

New Kernel

  • UI response speed 15% up.

  • Writing latency reduced 28%.

  • Document page-turning speed 13% up.

  • Kindle page-turning speed 40% up.

  • Bluetooth keyboard response speed 37% up.

  • 30% power consumption of handwriting reduced, which increased battery stamina at same rate.

*Above percentage figures are based on internal test/simulation data. The actual use result could be different.


  • Notebook cover page customization.

  • Note page layer rename.

  • Password protect a folder or file.

  • Web authentication Wi-Fi connection.

  • TOC page number jump for notes and documents.


  • Single search to multi-condition search.

  • Keyword search order adjusted to alphabetical order.

  • Keyword icon adjusted from "T" to "K".


  • Outlook calendar sync email sending issue.

Chauvet 1.0.1(339_beta)

July 1, 2021


  • Handwriting anti-aliasing feature (Activate via "Settings -> Display & input -> Preferred setting -> Handwriting antialiasing").

  • Star recognition switch (Adjust via "Settings -> Display & input -> Preferred setting -> Star mark recognition").


  • Performance optimization.

Chauvet 1.0.1(315_beta)

June 3, 2021


  • The icon of event invitation.


  • Abnormal synchronization of event invitation.

Chauvet 1.0.1(308_beta)

May 19, 2021


  • Calendar supports synchronization of "events" for Google and Microsoft accounts.


  • Possible handwriting misaligned issue when exporting PDF files.

Chauvet 1.0.1(242_beta)

February 7, 2021


  • Calendar function.

  • Redundant space or blank will be deleted in handwritten emails.


  • Button response speed optimization.

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