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Maintain the top layer cowhide folio

The top layer of leather is the first layer of cowhide, the cortex of the top layer is the most flexible and smooth, which needs special maintenance and caring for.

  • Please avoid scratching with hard objects. Although the top layer of cowhide has some toughness and wear resistance, it is still very fragile compared with hard metal, keys, sharp tools with sharp heads and blades. So please do not put it with hard objects to avoid being cut and scratched.

  • Please do not bend it to avoid creases and rubbing.

  • Avoid sun exposure and high temperature or heat. Please do not expose it to the strong sunlight, otherwise, it will cause the leather to harden or even crack, and also put it far away from the heat source. Such as stoves etc.

  • Please use professional leather care products for regular cleaning and care, avoid using alcohol, mineral spirits etc. which might result in dryness and discoloration.

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