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How to safely make a DIY Supernote Pen

The refill of a HoM Pen can be used or you can buy one for DIY. Don't take the refill out of a Standard Pen because it is easy to accidentally touch the coil and cause it to deform. Due to the size, not every pen body is fit for DIY.

Please be sure to follow the precautions carefully, or you may damage the refill permanently. Please understand that Supernote is not officially responsible for faults caused by improper DIY.

For the new version of the refill


① Coil: do not touch the coil, and do not grasp the coil when taking the refill out of the pen body, as any slight deformation of the coil can cause hardware faults. Also, make sure there is no metal and magnet parts near the coil.

② Flange: if the flange prevents the refill from fitting into the pen body, you can cut it off. We recommend using a nail clipper to control the force and angle and never touch the coil. Please note that cutting off this part is non-essential and keep it if it does not affect the fit of the pen body.


The dimensions of this flange are approximately 4.6 mm * 3.2 mm

Supernote refill flange

③ Tail: you can do anything to this part, even remove it to fit a short pen body.

For the old version of the refill


The only difference between the old and new refills is that the old refills do not have part ② (the flange), you can follow the guide for the new refills.

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