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Student discount FAQ

What is the student discount?

University/college students can save 20 USD on Supernote devices by verifying their status here.

How does the student discount work?

We partner with a third party, Full Fat Commerce, to verify your eligibility. Just click "Get Discount" and follow the prompts to verify your status to receive a one-time discount code (valid for 30 days) that can be used at checkout. Supernote reserves the right to change or cancel the program at any time.

Who is eligible?

The discount program allows students from more than 6,000 schools in over 200 countries to use their valid university email addresses for instant discounts.

Country not listed or university email address not approved

If your country is not listed or your university email is not approved, you’re not eligible for the discount at this time. You can contact us at to request to add a country and university to the list by providing the following information:

  • Email address

  • University name

  • Country

It usually takes some time. Please understand that we cannot guarantee the decision of the third party.

Email has been approved but not yet received

  • The email has gone to the Spam folder.

  • Your university email server is blocking the email from being delivered.

  • For some reason there is a delay in delivering the email. We have seen delays before of up to 12 hours. This has been extremely uncommon but it has happened. If you encounter a delay of more than 12 hours, please contact us.

Can I get a refund if I forget to use the discount code?

If the order has not been shipped, please apply for a refund with your verification email and discount code screenshot. Or you can also contact us to cancel the order and then place a new order with the discount code.

If the order has been shipped (shipping notification email sent), you can use the discount code on future purchases.

Apart from the student discount, any other discount?

Currently, only the student discount is available, others such as the military discount have not yet been restarted. Your understanding would be appreciated!

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