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How much tax do I have to pay and by how?

There will be possible tariffs or taxes imposed by your local custom or government. Please check custom webpage or hotline at your end per product HS code of Supernote device: 8471309000 (manufacturing site is China). The import duty rate is upon local custom’s judgement. For example, the tax rate in the EU zone ranges from 15% to 40% per past experience. There is possibility higher or lower than the range for some specific countries so please confirm with your local custom in advance.

The local carrier (DHL/FedEx etc.) will inform you of the actual tax amount and ways of payment. You may check the carrier official website for tax rate handling details.

So far below delivery countries/regions are tax free (as of May 2021):

  • United States (under 800 USD value of goods)

  • Australia (under 1000 AUD value of goods)

  • Hong Kong

  • Macao

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